Carrier Products Earn Best Buy Award From Consumers Digest

FamilyShot_2012_Touch-1Carrier is known as a dependable brand for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Its various models have consistently led the market in sales and satisfaction surveys. A respected publication recently affirmed the company’s excellence when it named four Carrier HVAC products in its prestigious list. Among those that received Consumers Digest® Best Buy honors are the Carrier Infinity 19 heat pump, the Carrier Performance Boost 80 gas furnace, the Infinity 16 heat pump and the Infinity with Greenspeed heat pump.

Less than 3% of the models available for each product category are ever given this mark of distinction. Consumers Digest takes great care in examining each candidate to find the worthy few that they can recommend to their readers. For years, shoppers have depended on the Best Buy designation to guide their purchases for nearly every item that can be found in stores. Knowing the best HVAC products is particularly valuable as they are considerable investments that are expected to last for over a decade.

The Carrier Infinity 19
Situated firmly in the midrange series, the Infinity 19 is a solid heat pump that stands as a brilliant testament to simplicity and performance. It was tested along with several other models from a number of manufacturers and managed to tower above the rest. The clinchers were its dependability and quiet operation. Owners will be able to rely on this product to deliver even in the coldest winters. Nights will be calm and comfortable thanks to sound reduction technology.

The Carrier Performance Boost 80
The Boost 80 gas furnace impressed the reviewers over at Consumers Digest with its superb performance. At its price range, no other model can match its potent mix of features and warranty. Economy models typically provide a narrow range of input but the Boost 80 manages to stretch this well. The result is a quieter blower in comparison with others in its class, which uses a regular electronically, commutated motor. It is also more efficient. This should be welcome news for people who are looking to cut down on energy costs.

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