Is a leaky duct system costing you excess money and comfort this summer?

leaky ductsHaving difficulty keeping your home cool this summer? Feel like your home is stuffy and never seems to reach maximum comfort? Stomaching high utility bills month after month?

Improperly sealed or unsealed ducts could be costing you money and comfort!

Remedy…  Full Duct System Testing

Ducts distribute conditioned air throughout the home, making an efficient duct system especially important when it comes to keeping the temperature of your home comfortable. If your system isn’t properly sealed, cooled air could be lost due to leaks, poor connections or holes within the duct system.

This leakage causes your air conditioning equipment to work overtime in an effort to keep your home at the desired temperature,resulting in higher utility bills.

Duct Blast Testing Measures the Effectiveness & Efficiency of your Duct System

A Duct Blast performance test pressurizes the duct system by forcing air throughout the duct system. The test provides a reading that indicates a system’s leakage and the leakage location. Our technicians can then determine the appropriate maintenance, repair or replacement steps necessary to ensure the conditioned air you pay for enters your home. Maki Heating & Air offers Duct Testing, Sealing, and Repair or Replacement for your home. Some repairs or replacements may qualify for rebates from your utility provider. Learn more about our residential duct services! Call us at 530-885-3449 or 916-782-9242.

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