Is Your Heat Pump Making Your Power Provider Dance?

untitled (16)Heat pumps are commonly used as a cost effective method to heat a home efficiently.  A downside is that when systems malfunction it can go undetected until homeowners receive a high electric bill.

Heat pumps warm a house by using a refrigeration compressor system that absorbs heat outside and circulates it inside. When temperatures drop into the 30s, or the thermostat is adjusted 2 – 3 degrees, the supplemental strip heaters (or furnace if you are on a Dual Fuel Heat Pump system) will come on to raise the indoor temperature. This is normal operation. Should the compressor become inoperable, the supplemental heat will come on to maintain temperature.

This can go unnoticed because the system continues to warm the home and can drastically increase your electric bill. Two ways to identify your system is using electric coils are as follows: A very warm discharge of air or the auxiliary/ emergency heat indicator is illuminated on your thermostat.

The easiest way to avoid heat pump malfunction and an expensive electric bill is by having your pump regularly maintained. Maki Heating and Air has several different options for maintenance with our Maki Protection Plans, each designed to affordably meet your home’s specific needs and give you peace of mind!!

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