Service & Installation:

Maki Heating & Air has the resources to service and install complete central heating and cooling systems to commercial and industrial customers.

Save Energy and Money:
From increased energy efficiency to lower emergency repair costs, there are a host of reasons to change the way you think about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Among them: reduced landlord/tenant conflict, more productive work environments, and long-term building value.


Take advantage of PG&E’s new rebate opportunities for Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance! All at little to no cost to you!

  • Building owners and business owners with direct responsibility for their HVAC maintenance are eligible for up to $3,836 in rebates per system from PG&E.
  • Enhanced HVAC upkeep can lower maintenance costs by up to 40% while helping avoid expensive emergency repairs and accelerated unit replacement costs.
  • Now, thanks to PG&E’s Quality Maintenance Program, it’s more affordable than ever to turn HVAC maintenance into positive steps that help save energy, money, and the environment.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Call us at 530-885-3449 or 916-782-9242 for more program information or to schedule a FREE consultation.

New Install for Commercial Client

New Install for Commercial Client